Your Partnership

It is going to take great faith to plant this church. We believe that God, who is our great Provider, will provide everything we need for this church plant to become a reality. We want to invite you to join us in this journey by being a prayer warrior and a financial supporter. Your investment will be used to reach the 7.4 million people in Hong Kong and eventually, reach the 1.4 billion lost people in China.

With this great opportunity to start a church in Hong Kong, there is a high cost. As a global city, Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places to live. Currently, it is ranked as the 3rd most expensive. The bar graph below gives a comparison of living costs for a family of five in various global cities to help explain the amount we need to raise.

Cost of Living Chart

The pie chart below shows the breakdown of costs — how much and for what purpose — that we will have while living in Hong Kong. We will need to raise a total of $150,000 per year to cover the various expenses described.

KimFamily PieChart
We would love to invite you to consider making a commitment to give on a monthly basis or even an one-time love offering to support our family.

You can click here to fill out the form and indicate your specific amount.

We are humbled and grateful for your investment into our family and to the great harvest field of Hong Kong and China.